Fashion FAILs & FTWs At The Launch Of ‘MARKTBeauty’ (PHOTOS)

So, we’ve been hearing all the rumors about Lea Michele and her diva attitude, and we think maybe this could all be traced back to the fact that she’s really good at wearing clothes. Hear us out, will ya? People who ARE really good at wearing clothes generally get lots of free swag, tons of media attention and everybody fawns over them at all times of the day. Thus, they slowly begin to feel more and more confident about themselves and their abilities to treat regular people as the peasants they really are. It makes sense, right?

But she looks so good in that Giambattista Valli delight so we won’t argue, LM. Click through the gallery for a look at the rest of the fantastical fashion of the evening. And for more fashion wonderment check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs & FTWs.