Gary Coleman’s Death Pics Sell For $10,000

What would you pay to see lurid photos of recently deceased actor Gary Coleman in his dying moments? Chances are, if you have any semblance of soul whatsoever, the answer would be “nothing.” But apparently, if you’re tabloid publication the Globe, the answer is, “$10,000.”

The publication reportedly purchased photos of Coleman in his hospital death bed for a cool 10 G’s, hoping that the photos will provide boffo sales for its latest issue, on newsstands today. (According to reports, the photos were taken, and the sale was brokered, by Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price.) And, sick as that may seem, one industry source believes they got a bargain. According to someone who’s actually seen the ghoulish pictures, 

“They are going to sell a crazy amount of magazines. Yes, it’s an ugly decision to run pictures of a man in his hospital bed minutes before he died, but dead celebrities sell.”

So how did the Globe get such a deal on the pics, aside from Price’s apparent desperation for cash? One industry source notes that the photos “are so tasteless that none of the glossy magazines wanted to bid on them. This allowed Globe to get them so cheap.”

Maybe the Globe should rethink its purchase; sometimes a bargain isn’t always a bargain, and what they gain in magazine sales, they could pay for in lost reputation.

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