Jennifer Aniston’s Dirty New Role Rubs Her The Wrong Way

While Jennifer Aniston is a talented actress, she isn’t exactly known for her variety in roles but the Bounty Hunter star is hoping to change that with her newest role in Horrible Bosses which will allegedly take the Jen you thought you knew in a, uh, whole other direction.

Horrible Bosses centers around a group of characters who have horrible bosses whom they try to murder (in case you’re wondering, it’s a comedy). Jen will play a “sex-obsessed dentist” who constantly talks about sex and hits on men. She’s one of the bad bosses…maybe? We can’t really tell because it seems like any man would be happy about getting hit on by Jen.

Aside from her horndog role, Jennifer will also have a scene where she “breaks a nail while pleasuring herself.” Ouch, and also ew. Very ew.

Broken nails aside, it is nice to see Jen taking on different roles from the sassy romantic comedy gal she tends to play.