Jon Gosselin Slams The French In New Drunk Rant (VIDEO)

Jon Gosselin Slams The French In New Drunk Rant (VIDEO)-photo

After charming us with his pot-smoking video, Jon Gosselin is after our hearts again with new leaked footage of him giving drunken ramblings to then-girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

In the video which was filmed in 2009 while he was on a vacation in St. Tropez, Jon tells Hailey about a drunken party he attended with Ed Hardy designer Christian Audigier the previous night. Jon also goes on to diss the good people of France:

[As Hailey drinks a bottle of Evian water] They probably dipped that bottle in the toilet and put a lid on it. [...] The only nice things here [in St. Tropez] are the cars... and the boats.

Jon then goes on to mimic the way the wealthy vacationers of St. Tropez dress by hiking up his boardshorts to his waist and walking around like Steve Urkel from Family Matters.

Throughout the video, Jon is obviously drunk or stoned (or a combination of the two) and he peppers his conversation with Hailey in the video with mean-spiritied and angry digs at the French.

While it is pretty obvious that the former Jon and Kate Plus 8 star seriously dislikes the people of France, we imagine that the French would probably be delighted to know that the Ed Hardy-loving Jon disliked their sartorial choices.

Check out the video here.



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  • Dixiegirl

    Evidently he wasn't raised with any manners or tolerance of other cultures. He embarrasses most of us Americans. One doesn't have to be rich or extremely highly educated to have some class and manners...just good upbringing!

  • john f.
    john f.

    I'm an American who spends a lot of time living in France... and I'll say that the standard "screw the French" rant so prevalent among types like Jon G. is, hands down, the surest sign of a shallow ignoramus. The French are largely similar to the Americans I know (the best of the Americans, anyway)... and good and charming people who understand what it is to be polite and informed. Gosselin, go home.

  • Sophie

    This man is not welcome in France and his little rant shows even more what a complete LOSER he is.

  • respectplease

    well go back home you disgusting-fat-uneducated-alcoholic and celebrity whore. Aurevoir , bon voyage