Justin Bieber Ready To Fight The Jonas Brothers

Is Justin Bieber tough enough to take on all three of the Jonas Brothers? The teen pop star seems to think so.

Justin told Top of the Pops that he could “take all three of the Jonas Brothers” because he’s “a beast.” Our lovable little Biebs is a beast? Apparently Biebs has developed some braggadocio since he got that hip tattoo.

But don’t worry Biebs and JoBro fans: the 16-year-old singer is only joking. In fact, he says that he is friends with all the Jonas Brothers and that he doesn’t like the rivalry that’s been cooked up between them:

Supposedly there’s a war between my fans and Jonas Brothers fans, but basically we’re all friends. I love [my fans], but why do you guys have to fight?

Considering that the “Baby” singer’s fans have become notorious for causing riots and sending death threats, you can see why he is worried that his fans are a little too prone to violence. Can’t we all get along?

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