Khloé Kardashian Can’t Mask Her Glee Over Lakers Win

At last night’s Lakers-Celtics game, Boston fans attempted to sway Lamar Odom’s concentration by donning Khloé Kardashian masks. To their dismay, the masks served as a reverse jinx—Lakers won 91-84. Khloé and big sister Kim Kardashian were both highly amused by the competitive gesture and took to their blogs to comment.

Khloé wrote on her official site,

“Imagine being Lamar—trying to play in a championship game and seeing your wife’s face everywhere. Too funny! Is it weird that I kind of want one?”

Kim also shared her response to the Khloé-filled arena on her blog.

“OMG! I just read that people handed out over 5000 Khloe masks at last night’s Lakers and Celtics game in Boston, in hopes that they would distract Lamar!!!

Well it didn’t quite work, did it? The Lakers played an amazing game and Lamar had one of his best games of the championship! Nice try Celtics fans!”

Perhaps Lakers fans should adopt this strategy for home games.

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