Madonna’s Gay Malawian Couple Splits Up

Well, at least you have to give Madonna credit for trying.

Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, the gay Malawian couple that the Material Mom had helped save from a 14-year prison sentence, have broken up due to the pressures of Malawi’s homophobic culture, and Monjeza has taken up with a female partner.

The couple was freed late last month after Madonna went public with her outrage over the sentence and encouraged her fans to pressure the Malawian government. Monjeza and Chimbalanga, the first same-sex couple to seek marriage in Malawi, were imprisoned after a news article about their engagement party was published in a Malawian newspaper.

Monjeza, who is now in a relationship with 24-year-old Dorothy Gulo, said of the split,

“I have had enough. I was forced into the whole drama and I regret the whole episode. I want to live a normal life … not a life where I would be watched by everyone, booed and teased.”

Meanwhile, Chimbalanga is intent in finding a new lover of his own, and eventually exchanging vows:

“I will also marry because there are lots of good men around. I will remain a gay.”

Perhaps, when that day comes, Madge can perform at their wedding.