New Evidence of Lea Michele’s Divatude Emerges

It’s looking more and more like Lea Michele’s portrayal of Glee’s resident diva Rachel Berry might not be much of an act.

The actress—who caught heat for acting snotty toward a photographer at the Time 100 gala in May—has now been ratted out as being stuck-up by inside sources from her show. According to one mole,

“Lea acts like she’s better than the rest of the cast. But the thing is, she legitimately is.”

Notes another Glee insider,

“She’s sweet, but she has her moments…She has very clear ideas about what she wants to do and how she wants to look. I think she’s just Type-A, like her character.”

Michele’s obsession with her own self-image, the insider notes, has led her to develop a bossy attitude toward crew members and makeup artists.

Since Lea apparently doesn’t need much in the way of acting lessons to fulfill her Glee role, maybe she should consider investing the time and money in charm-school classes instead.

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