Salma Hayek Develops a Sudden Fear of Snakes (VIDEO)

Poor Salma Hayek. She seems to be having her trouble with the reptile world lately.

The Frida beauty was filming an interview for her upcoming comedy Grown Ups with co-stars Maria Bello and Maya Rudolph recently when, apparently, a big, scary snake slithered into proximity. Putting her steely nerves to work, Hayek handled the situation with calm and grace.

Naw, just kidding; she totally flipped out and scurried onto the arm of Rudolph’s director’s chair. Check out Hayek’s reaction below:

Funny stuff, but we have to wonder if Salma’s ophidiophobia is a recent development. Celebuzz’s tireless research team has unearthed footage from the 1996 film From Dusk Till Dawn that demonstrates Hayek wasn’t always so uncomfortable with snakes. We present it below in the interest of journalistic inquiry, and also because it’s really hot. Examine the evidence for yourself below:

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