Warrant For Lindsay Lohan’s Arrest Recalled

Lindsay Lohan is a free woman, for now.

The troubled 23-year-old actress posted bail last night and had the current warrant out for her arrest recalled. The Mean Girls star got into a heap of trouble after her SCRAM bracelet was set off at a party after the MTV Movie Awards. A judge issued a warrant out for her arrest on Tuesday and set Lindsay’s bail at $200,000.

Lindsay was already out on bail after she missed a court appearance while she was attending the Cannes Film Festival. Lindsay will have to forfeit the $100,000 bail she posted because of her SCRAM bracelet scandal.

Lindsay maintains that she did not have any alcohol the night that her SCRAM bracelet went off although her lawyer admitted that the the bracelet had traced amounts of alcohol on Lindsay when it went off. The alcohol-monitoring bracelets can sometimes send out false alarms, but Lindsay may have to wait until her court hearing in July until she can clear her name.

Lindsay is currently on probation for her 2007 DUI conviction.