Christina Aguilera Says Canceled Tour Didn’t Meet Her High Standards

It’s a true burden being perfect in an imperfect world.

When Christina Aguilera announced late last month that she was canceling her upcoming summer tour in support of her new album Bionic, many probably assumed that it was because of the so-far lukewarm public reaction to the material.

But as the “Not Myself Tonight” songbird explains, that’s just not so. As it turns out, filming her upcoming big-screen effort Burlesque just didn’t leave her adequate time to plan as awesome a tour as she was hoping for:

“I’m such a perfectionist. I’m not doing something unless I give my all. I haven’t had time to think about the tour, what with the film…I was going crazy trying to figure out what the set list was and it felt too rushed, too soon. There wasn’t enough time to prepare the kind of show I like to put on—which is my very best.”

Aguilera does, however, promise that “the biggest, better Bionic tour will be next year, when we do have time.”

Hope her fans can hold out that long…

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