Dina Lohan Explains Why Lindsay’s SCRAM Bracelet Went Off

With her daughter Lindsay Lohan collecting arrest warrants like how some people collect stamps, Dina Lohan is going into damage control to save little Linds’ reputation.

Dina maintains that her daughter was not drinking when her SCRAM bracelet was set off at the MTV Movie Awards. So, what made the bracelet go off? Dina tells Page Six (via Dlisted) that someone spilled a drink on Lindsay’s leg which set off the bracelet.

SCRAM bracelets monitor alcohol in the wearer’s sweat but we aren’t sure if they would work the same way if someone dumped a drink on the SCRAM wearer’s leg. However, the bracelets are notorious for giving false reports, so anything is possible.

Then again, the judge is the person who Dina and Lindsay need to convince, not us.