Larry King's Wife Left Suicide Note Before Overdose

Larry King's Wife Left Suicide Note Before Overdose-photo

Apparently, Larry and Shawn King's marital reunion wasn't a model of domestic bliss. Shawn, who reconciled with her talk-show-host husband after the couple filed for divorce in April, is currently recovering in the hospital after overdosing at the couple's Provo, Utah, home on May 28, and now TMZ reports that Shawn left a hand-written note saying that the OD was intentional, and that she wished to be buried on Provo.

King's father, Karl Engemann, called 911 after his attempts to wake his daughter were unsuccessful; upon their arrival, paramedic found several empty prescription bottles, including bottles for sleep aid Ambien and various anti-anxiety medications.

Police discovered two handwritten notes, one of them saying that she wanted Provo to be her final resting place.



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  • rosiegene

    Shawn, remember that saying, "the best revenge is living well!" If you do hurt or kill yourself, it won't affect Mr. King in any way and some people will feel sorry for him! HA! LIVE your life and live it well. You don't need him for that!

  • Mochagirl

    Oh dear - another hollyweirdo bites the dust. Whaat is wrong with these people. Don't they know that's the biggest sin of all, to TAKE YOUR OWN LIFE. What good will that do to those left behind????? Her poor kids - I feel for them.

  • Oh Come On
    Oh Come On

    Stop taking all the pills, Shawn, and you won't be doing stupid sh*t like trying to kill yourself like an overly-dramatic 15 year old. Those pills separate people from their internal wisdom and common sense -- obviously. Only an addict would do this to their children. Addicts, prior to recovery, are totally self-centered and selfish. Get thee to a rehab, Shawn. Your children deserve more, and a better role model for how to deal with emotional upsets and life's difficulties.