Miley Cyrus Hops on the Lady GaGa Bandwagon (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus might not like Twilight. Or Justin Bieber. Or, really, when it comes down to it, most of her own music. But there is one pop-culture phenomenon that she has room in her heart for: Lady GaGa.

The Hannah Montana star pledged her full and undying admiration for the “Poker Face” singer while being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest this morning. After declaring that she listens to Lady GaGa and declaring her “really talented,” Cyrus gushed,

“When she sang with Elton John, that was my dream moment; it was two of my favorite artists coming together.”

But the thing Miley likes most about GaGa? “She’s first about the music.”

Sure—the music, and the freaky, freaky headgear.

So does this mean that Miley will be adopting the good Lady’s Pantless Aesthetic? From the looks of things, she’s already started.

Watch Miley go goo-goo for GaGa starting at about the 4:35 mark in the video below:

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