Did Bobby Flay Tell January Jones To Flee Car Crash Scene?

Things are starting to get a little more complicated with January Jones’ car crash.

As we previously reported, the Mad Men actress crashed into three parked cars on Thursday evening and then fled the scene of the crime. She eventually returned when police showed up and was not arrested or cited.

However, new details are starting to emerge about the crash. Apparently, a witness saw celebrity chef Bobby Flay at the scene of the crime and overheard him telling her to leave the scene of the crash.

The Next Food Network Star judge confirms with TMZ that he received a call from the 35-year-old actress and showed up at the crash. Flay says that he was watching a basketball game at the London West Hollywood Hotel with January and a few other friends but he insists that he only met the actress once before and that she had his number because she reportedly wanted him to help her renovate her kitchen. The 45-year-old chef (who is married to Law & Order actress Stephanie March) says he doesn’t know why January called him to help her after the crash.

Meanwhile, a witness claims that they smelled alcohol on January’s breath after the crash. The witness also says that when January returned to the scene of the crash she had changed her clothes and was chewing gum. Police told the witness that they couldn’t test her for alcohol because there was is “no way to pin drinking and driving on someone who leaves the scene and comes back.”

Witnesses also refute January’s claim that she was trailed by paparazzi at the time of the crash, which she said caused her to leave the scene of the crash. No photos have turned up of the crash or of January before her crash.