Gary Coleman’s Ex Wife Makes a Play for His Estate

A mere two weeks after Gary Coleman’s untimely death, the battle for whatever assets he left behind is in full swing.

Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price, who was with him at the time of his death, has filed court papers seeking to take over the deceased actor’s estates. In the papers, Price argues that she has powers over the “disposition of [Coleman’s] body,” and has submitted a hand-written document, supposedly written by Coleman before his death, declaring that Price is “sole heir of any and all monies, properties, bank accounts, earnings, model trains, vehicles, cars, toys, games, electronics, homes, other inheritances if any, all things physical and/or intellectual…This I have done because of my personal selfishness and weakness and I Love her with all my heart.”

Though the couple divorced in 2008, in the weeks since Coleman’s death Price has argued that she was, in fact, his common-law wife. (Utah, where the couple resided, is one of 10 states to recognize common-law marriage.)

Quite naturally, Price’s latest legal maneuver has met some resistance—namely, from Coleman’s friend and former manager Dion Mial, who argues,

“She is the full and complete impediment to honor Gary wishes.”

Earlier this week, Mial allegedly had Price locked out of the home that she and Coleman shared.

In a 1999 will written by Coleman—so far, the most recent verified will left by him—the former Diff’rent Strokes star named Mial as the executor of his estate, and per the will, he is also the financial recipient of a trust.

No telling how this whole mess will eventually turn out, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it will get uglier before it gets better.