Heidi Montag’s New Face Gets the Joan Rivers Seal of Approval (VIDEO)

Well, at least one person likes Heidi Montag’s radically rearranged face.

Comedienne Joan Rivers—who certainly knows her way around a plastic surgeon’s office—recently piped up to Extra about the Hills blonde’s numerous procedures. Guess what? She’s into it!

Says Rivers,

“How great—I want to meet [Montag’s doctor]! Once they put you under, I always say, ‘Do whatever you can! I’m under! Get it all done at once, doc!'” 

Of course, the tart-tongued funny-lady couldn’t help but get a couple of digs in, too:

“Maybe it was Dollar Day. Or it was ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ Day.”

Check out Joan giving the verbal thumb-up to Heidi below:

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