Heidi Montag’s New Face Gets the Joan Rivers Seal of Approval (VIDEO)

Celebuzz | June 11, 2010 - 1:49 pm

Well, at least one person likes Heidi Montag’s radically rearranged face.

Comedienne Joan Rivers—who certainly knows her way around a plastic surgeon’s office—recently piped up to Extra about the Hills blonde’s numerous procedures. Guess what? She’s into it!

Says Rivers,

“How great—I want to meet [Montag’s doctor]! Once they put you under, I always say, ‘Do whatever you can! I’m under! Get it all done at once, doc!'” 

Of course, the tart-tongued funny-lady couldn’t help but get a couple of digs in, too:

“Maybe it was Dollar Day. Or it was ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ Day.”

Check out Joan giving the verbal thumb-up to Heidi below:

Do you agree or disagree with Rivers on the whole Heidi Montag thing? Let us know in the comments section!