‘Jersey Shore’ Stars Deny Herpes Rumor

Whew: after a producer for the Jersey Shore let slip that the that the house was a “herpes den” and that she regularly feeds the cast Valtrex, people have been wondering if the show’s stars really are magnets for STDs. However, The Situation and Snooki have stepped forward to deny that they are carrying the herp or any social diseases for that matter.

In a video interview with Wonderwall, the two stars deny the producer’s claims about their health. The Situation says that there was “no interaction” between the production staff and the cast during the filming of the show and Snooki says that “no pills are getting passed out.”

The MTV guidos also mention that the cast all get tested for STDs and diseases every year, with Snooki proudly declaring “I’m clean!” You heard her right, fellas: she is STD-free and lookin’ for love.

All you guido-lovers out there can breathe a sigh of relief, the cast is clean (at least when it comes to STD) and ready for your love.