Kelly Rowland's Tastefully Exposed Undergarments (PHOTOS)

Someone forgot to do a light check before leaving the hotel today. Those aren't just for the red carpet, you know. Shouldn't someone on Kelly Rowland's crew help a sister out in that department?

Click through the gallery to see K Row's wardrobe malfunction in full effect. And for more fantastical fashion check out our coverage at Fashion FAILs & FTWs.



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  • Kute

    Looks Amazing! She's Just Perfect!

  • timbo

    She looks so cute here, and I love her gorgeous smile. And, she looks so good in that thong! Could have worn a sexier outfit, but she still look amazing in that thong!

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  • blingbling

    its on called for

  • Rob

    Love to see Miss Kelly wearing a thong - lets see more

  • freshup16

    there is nothing wrong with this jumsuit

  • braziliangirl15

    love her, but is it really necessary??