Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant Quits

Lindsay Lohan has been having a bad week.

First, Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet went off at the MTV Movie Awards, resulting in another warrant for her arrest and requiring her to drop down an extra $10,000 towards her bail. Now, Lindsay’s assistant Elinore abruptly quit on Wednesday, leaving Lindsay scrambling for an assistant during a pretty low point in her career.

According to RadarOnline, Elinore had grown tired of Lindsay’s erratic moods and bossy behavior but had held off from quitting because she felt bad about abandoning Lindsay at such a stressful time:

After a few months, Lindsay’s up and down moods and her 24/7 demands just got to be too much […] Lindsay can be really bossy and mean when she doesn’t get her own way and Elinore wasn’t even getting paid some of the time.

Elinore’s friends were telling her to quit months ago. Even the person who introduced her to Lindsay was like, ‘look, this is too much for you. You need to get out now while you still can. You don’t want something happening to Lindsay on your watch.’

Elinore met the Mean Girls actress through a mutual friend and began working as her assistant shortly thereafter.

Lindsay is probably not taking any of this lightly, considering all of the stress that she has been under for the past couple of months. Now that she has a reputation for being a mess and a bad boss, she will probably have an even worse time getting a new assistant.