Robin Antin’s Fitness Secrets Revealed

Still working on getting yourself swimsuit-ready for the summer? No worries; Celebuzz is working with Pussycat Dolls creator, choreographer, music video director and fitness expert Robin Antin to help you in your efforts. Celebuzz’s fitness expert and Nicole Scherzinger’s bff, Robin will treat you all to a series of blog posts involving fitness and keeping your figure fine! The first one, below, offers secret to staying slim. Good luck! And, Robin has her own fitness DVD you should look at if you agree with her advice!

Read on for Robin’s tips.

BODY: For all the contestants of Dance Your Ass Off, I have a couple different suggestions:

1) I believe that by working out too much, you can lose too much body fat. For example: The body can start looking too hard. Both men and women like a little bit of curve, but long lean muscles that still have curves are the best!

2) Dancing is the best way to get beautiful toned abs. Practice “ab isolations” where you isolate your rib cage from side to side, it’s a warm-up for dance class I’ve been doing for years, & it really tones!! Try it.

3) DO NOT GIVE UP! Commit, but go easy & don’t rush. Take your time, learn a few moves or exercises a day, or a week, & before you know it, you will be feeling great and on your way to better health!

Robin Antin (Choreographer and Fitness Trainer)

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