Sarah Palin Did Not Get Breast Implants

Sarah Palin Did Not Get Breast Implants-photo

If you were hoping that Sarah Palin had gotten a boob job recently we have some bad news for you: you are kind of a creep. Oh, and, Sarah never got a boob job.

A Palin pal tells Us Weekly that reports that the former Republican nominee for Vice President are "absolutely ridiculous."

The rumor first got started earlier this week when political humor blog Wonkette speculated that Sarah had bought some, uh, "luxury items" with her newfound millions after she was photographed looking a little more busty than usual. The story spread like wildfire but in the end, it just wasn't real.

Us Weekly reports that they tried numerous times to get in contact with the 46-year-old former governor but her camp refused to comment.



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  • checks em out
    checks em out

    You guys are dreaming if you think she will make it to the White House. She does look like she could do a movie - Sarah does Dallas. Or something like that....

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  • diamontina

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  • annabannana56

    Shes gorgeous!

  • Lester Molester
    Lester Molester

    She ain't going to the White House either way. What would the Internet be without a bunch of boobs conjuring up fiction to fill their need for myth?

  • lookatthat

    Everything about her is fake the (.) (.) and even the pal. Wonderbra and a tramp shirt.

  • dimo

    If you ask me, i say "YOU BETTCHA"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ha ha
    ha ha

    She did ( . ) ( . )

  • sydsouth

    * Yes she did, QQ

  • gimme a break
    gimme a break

    if by gorgeous glamorous you mean trailer trashy then yess indeed!!

  • gary

    Indeed Lars She may be the hottest woman in the white house since Jackie O Palin 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lars Svensen
    Lars Svensen

    With or without "enhancement", Sarah Palin is a gorgeous, glamorous lady.