Kristen Stewart Admits That Fame Is Totally Easy for Her

Kristen Stewart Admits That Fame Is Totally Easy for Her-photo

Kristen Stewart has gained a reputation as something of a sourpuss, thanks to her seeming reluctance to happily embrace the experience that being in the spotlight brings. But in a new interview, she admits that being famous is more than okay—it's totally awesome, and it's made her life way easy! Check it:

“The fame makes my life so much easier where it’s most important to me, because I get to do really awesome projects right now. It looks much crazier on the outside than it is."

Wow; that's a far cry from the young lady who, not too long ago, was equating having her picture taken to being raped. Has someone gained a much-needed sense of perspective? Let's hope so...



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  • Mariane

    Kristen Stewart is an idiot. She is an ungrateful fool who doesn't deserve what she has. She is an awful actress and the most uncomfortable person to listen to. She is a disgrace, especially with her constant complaining. Her rape comment was disgusting, and her apology was forced.

  • lori

    Of course it's easy for her. She doesn't have a brain and she's high all the time. Yeah. Life is good for idiots. In a few years though, she'll lose her looks and will be forgotten. Robert Pattinson already looks like he lives on skid row, and I predict that's probably where he will end up.

  • steff17

    she has ti take the positivie things of the fame!!! she can do a lot of things!!

  • Aitch

    That is why she is going through the sh*t storm right now--to get the good parts!!!

  • tyr

    wow everyone should stop 'reminding' the rape comment.. i mean ok we get im a huge kristen fan and even i say it was not very... tastfull but she said sorry and thats it.. focus on all the lindsay sh*t thats going on or somthing..

  • sat

    They always posted a small portion of the article or interview and then people went off and taking sh*t out of context. Then sh*t talk about people you dont even know them personally some more. All these sites made for entertainment purposes. Some people making the meanest comments and taking things too serious. btw I'm talking about general thing not just about kristen.

  • airinmadrid

    total bullsh*t!! know it's still difficult for her to deal with fame in the mayority of always make the title look like a total lie in that way...

  • Novika

    Then she was talking about her private life, and now she's talking about her career. These are two different things.