Why The 'Eclipse' Engagement Ring Had To Be Perfect

Why The 'Eclipse' Engagement Ring Had To Be Perfect-photo

Picking out an engagement ring is a pretty big deal but picking out an engagement ring for Edward to give Bella in Eclipse is an even bigger deal.

Twilight Saga author Stephanie Meyer was very adamant about getting the Eclipse engagement ring just right. The film's prop master, Grant Swain, reportedly spent a huge amount of time researching the ring and commissioning samples from various designers.

Unfortunately, none of these rings were to Stephanie's liking and she eventually had to design the ring herself with the aid of Portland-based jeweler Rick Thurber. In Eclipse, Stephanie describes the ring as "set with slanting rows of glittering round stones." The result? A beautiful pave-diamong ring that wasn't even finished until a few hours before the filming of the engagement scene began.

We can understand Stephanie's pickiness but if a ring is being given to us by Robert Pattinson we don't think we would mind too much what it looked like.

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  • amyamster

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  • obsessed

    this was soo not the ring used in the movie

  • jen

    yikes, sorry but thats not a very nice ring. It looks like it would be to big and bulky

  • Whatever SM
    Whatever SM

    I agree with Alianne; I think Ms. Meyer is letting the fame get to her head. I agree also with Stephen King when he said Stephenie Meyer isn't even a good writer. Her writing sucks ass, but she sure tells a good story. She knew exactly what would sell and wrote it. She stole ideas from other people and simulated them piece by piece to fabricate what she sold. Her new book isn't even that good either, but of course she's chalking that up as being because it's an 'adult' book. Psh! This too shall pass...


    The one in the film is so simple and plane. The one in this picture is so elegant and does look "antique". I want this one for me too. The one in the film is so simple and not pretty.

  • poope

    i didn't like the ring in the film....it was too big and not elegant but this one is so good ...i hope that they will change that scene by re-shooting with this ring

  • kelly0eminemfan

    rpattz could give me a 25 cent candy ring and i would be so over the moon love this ring btw very classy

  • edward

    sorry, not loving the ring.

  • disgruntled

    i HATE the ring in the film - the one in this pic is lovely tho - should've used this one!

  • obsessed

    i think thats pretty cool

  • Alianne

    Are they really even going to show that much of the ring? Seriously, it could be made of plastic instead of diamonds even. I think SMeyer is letting it go to her head a bit.


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