Will Arnett And Jason Batemen Reunite For ‘The Prom Date’ (VIDEO)

Who knew that the power of gum could reunite Arrested Development co-stars Will Arnett and Jason Bateman?

The two former Bluth brothers made a hilarious short for Orbit gum along with Rachael Harris and Parks and Recreation’s Aubrey Plaza. The short follows Jason and Rachael as they help their daughter prepare for prom. The two seem a little nervous when their daughter declares that the new “boy” she is seeing is her “soulmate” but “nervous” doesn’t even begin to describe how they feel when they actually meet their daughter’s date.

Luckily, the family is able to settle things all with the power of some yummy tasting gum. Gum: it saves lives! Or, at least it saves a young lady’s reputation.

Watch the video below.