BLINDBUZZ: Which A-List Actor Is Nasty To The Press?

It’s time again for BLINDBUZZ, where we take a guess at who is getting talked about in the juiciest Hollywood blind items. Feel free to share your guesses in the comments below!

The week we have an A-lister who sabotaged his newest flop and an actress that is getting harassed by her co-star.

Press Pass:

This A list (and it pains me to call him A list) movie actor was doing press work for his latest flop. Instead of doing what he could to try and get a few people to see it by being nice to the press, he berated them constantly, would not answer their questions and was as miserable as a person can be. He also made several interviews unusable by his actions which made the whole process a waste for at least one network. (Crazy Days and Nights)

Our guess: Russell Crowe.

Star-On-Star Hate:

A certain actress is feeling very uncomfortable on the set of her new television series. One of the actors has been behaving inappropriately around her. He has made comments about her appearance (e.g. the size and shape of her body) that she was able to ignore at first. However, the comments have escalated to the point that it is interfering with her ability to maintain composure on the set. What is she doing about this? Nothing. The actor is a friend of either the director or the producer, so she fears that if she was to complain that they would side with the man, and possibly replace her on the show. (Blind Gossip)

Our guess: No idea, but the actress should give this guy a good swift kick on the bum.

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