Dakota Fanning Gets Her Pilates On (PHOTOS)

Dakota Fanning may be a mere girl of 16, but clearly she understands that it's never too early to develop a proper exercise regimen.

The New Moon actress, who's been known to bust out some cheerleading routines for her high school when she's not on the set, reaffirmed her commitment to fitness on Friday by attending an early-morning Pilates class. Looks like she worked up quite the sweat while she was in there, too.

Was it D-Fan's most glamorous moment? Perhaps not. But her habits appear to be much healthier than those of her castmates.

Let's all celebrate Dakota's health-consciousness by clicking through the photo gallery, shall we? And don't forget to hit up The Forks Report for all things Twilight-related.



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  • hubabaa

    i think she looks like kate hudson.. like just a bit. am i the only one who sees similarity? and btw why my celebuzz refresh code is "suelloyd"? :D

  • patrick

    pale is beautiful.

  • Look closer
    Look closer

    It's cause of the window. Look at the arm behind her. The tint of the window is causing the pale effect.

  • Deana

    The picture of her inside the car is beautiful. What a gorgeous girl.

  • mel

    well lets think...she IS a vampire in Twilight..and her face isnt as white,so obviously it was makeup

  • dianevon

    Just like her friend... It looks like a boy with long hair ;D

  • annabannana56

    Just like her friend...

  • annabannana56

    she looks like a vampire..

  • jen

    Yikes. I love her but she needs a tan. Shes more pale than me..and I'm anemic = /

  • Jess Davies
    Jess Davies

    geese!! she's as white as her shirt!! Ahhh Shes as white as me!!! lol Yus! taken one for the pale chicks.

  • katie

    freshup16 a geese is a bird. which is also as white as her.

  • freshup16

    geese!! she's as white as her shirt!!