Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Accused Of Cheating

Attention-grabbing Hills couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are starting to show their claws amidst the drama of their (possibly) fake break-up.

Both Heidi and Spencer are accusing each other of carrying out affairs behind the other’s back. Spencer alleges that Heidi cheated on him with his former BFF, Marine turned bodyguard and holder of the world’s most awesome name, Cougar Zank. Heidi, meanwhile, is spying on Spencer to see who he is dating now that the pair are legally separated.

Spencer accused his estranged 23-year-old wife of dating Cougar after he heard that the two of them traveled to New York to shop Heidi’s new reality show. Heidi is currently living in Cougar’s Malibu home with former Hills pal Jen Bunney, although it isn’t clear if Cougar is living there with Heidi and Jen.

Cougar used to shack up with Spencer and Heidi when the two were still married. Spencer had moved him into their Pacific Palisades home to become their bodyguard and work on a script with him.

Heidi, meanwhile, fears that her 26-year-old husband has been cheating on her and has allegedly hired a private investigator to trail him. Although she has legally separated from Spencer and is rumored to be drawing up divorce papers, Heidi’s friends say it is “really important to Heidi” to find out if Spencer is seeing someone new.

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