Is an 'America's Got Talent' Judge Taking Over Larry King's Hosting Seat?

Is an 'America's Got Talent' Judge Taking Over Larry King's Hosting Seat?-photo

Larry King may soon be dethroned—and a Brit might be taking his place.

According to reports, Britain's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan is poised to take over the talk-show patriarch's long-held position at CNN, after impressing the cable network's brass with his British talk show Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

King's ratings been on a steep decline in recent months, dropping to a mere 771,000 viewers in the first three months of 2010, down a staggering 43 percent from last year. The 76-year-old broadcasting legend cold probably use the free time to attend to his chaotic marital situation as well.

Once the ink on the deal is dry, Morgan is expected to abandon his duties on Britain's Got Talent and establish himself in the U.S. full-time. (He currently also serves a judge on BGT's Stateside counterpart, America's Got Talent.)

Will audiences accept Morgan as a substitute for King's comforting, gravel-voiced charms? Let's go to the phones—er, the comments section—and hear what you have to say.



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  • Mrs. Janice
    Mrs. Janice

    Mr. Piers Morgan , sharon and Howie don't you think that the young man who's grandmother raised, sounds just like Joe c*cker.

  • Jan

    How could Piers Morgan take a shot at long time singing sensation Mariah Carey in favor of that pathetic hand whistler?? He actually told the hand whistler that it was the best rendition he had ever heard of "Hero," and that it was in key....unlike "a certain performer." Yet the hand whistler was the one who was way off key and Nick Cannon (Mariah's husband) was standing right there. Piers showed no respect for Mariah or Nick. That was one comment he should have kept to himself. And he's going to replace Larry King? I can hardly wait.