Kristen Stewart Reveals That Robert Pattinson Is a Freaky Kisser

If you thought Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s lip-locking session at this year’s MTV Awards was a little goofy, rest assured—it could have been a lot goofier.

During this weekend’s big Eclipse press junket, K-Stew revealed her co-star’s off-the-wall ideas for the acceptance kiss. Wait, did we say off-the-wall? We meant out-of-this-world, completely nuts ideas:

“He wanted to be hula hooping with a match in his mouth, and then he wanted to light a match while I was juggling and he was hula hooping, and he wanted to put it in my mouth and see if we could make our way over to each other…it didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.”

So what spared us from—sorry, robbed us of—this unusual spectacle? Stewart explains,

“I was like, ‘I can’t juggle onstage in shoes. I can barely walk up the stairs.’”

Way to think on your feet, K-Stew. Yeesh; with screwy notions like this one, it’s no wonder that Rob has trouble getting a date.

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