Robert Pattinson Is Looking to Date Again

Poor Robert Pattinson. From the outside, it would seem that the Twilight heartthrob has it all: Looks, fame, riches, acclaim and the adoration of millions. But deep down, there’s something missing from his ostensibly charmed life: The ability to go on dates, just like any normal gorgeous, high-profile show-biz dude.

R-Pattz revealed his anguish while appearing on the Today show on Monday, explaining that his current circumstances of his life have left him unable to enjoy the simple pleasure of a night on the town with a lucky lady:

“I would like to go on a date. I’m just saying. I’m just putting that out there. Because I never go on dates anymore.”

Shame, really, because it seems like there would be any number of takers willing to join Pattinson for a romantic night out of, say, miniature golf followed by ice cream, should he ever manage to break free of the dateless prison that’s been constructed around him.

The only question is, who should join R-Pattz if ever finds himself able to date again? Share your suggestions in the comments section—and, yes, if you absolutely must nominate yourself, feel free to do so…

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