Robin Antin’s Fitness Secrets Revealed! (Part 2)

Still working on getting yourself swimsuit-ready for the summer? No worries; Celebuzz is working with Pussycat Dolls creator, choreographer, music video director and fitness expert Robin Antin to help you in your efforts. Celebuzz’s fitness expert and Nicole Scherzinger’s bff, Robin will treat you all to a series of blog posts involving fitness and keeping your figure fine! The first one, below, offers secret to staying slim. Good luck! And, Robin has her own fitness DVD you should look at if you agree with her advice!

Read on for Robin’s tips.


It is clear how important working out is for you-mind, body, and soul. We all lead busy lives, so even if you only have 5 minutes that’s okay! Start out small. When you wake up in the morning, do three sets of crunches IN BED. When you brush your teeth, do “squat lifts” like in my fitness video. When standing in the coffee line, do the ab isolations I have talked about on my previous blog

Here’s a tip for those frequent fliers or workaholics sitting at a desk for several hours. Since I travel a lot, what I do is rotate my ankles around in circles for at least 3 minutes, every 30 minutes of the flight. It keeps your blood flowing, which is so important when sitting for so long. I also do shoulder rolls and strech out my neck-from side to side, front to back, which also keeps the blood flowing. And then of course, taking a quick walk in the aisle of the airplane or around the office is essential. It’s all about blood flow. Be creative and find fun ways to exercise!

Robin Antin (Choreographer and Fitness Trainer)