Robin Antin’s Fitness Secrets Revealed! (Part 3)

Still working on getting yourself swimsuit-ready for the summer? No worries; Celebuzz is working with Pussycat Dolls creator, choreographer, music video director and fitness expert Robin Antin to help you in your efforts. Celebuzz’s fitness expert and Nicole Scherzinger’s bff, Robin will treat you all to a series of blog posts involving fitness and keeping your figure fine! The first one, below, offers secret to staying slim. Good luck! And, Robin has her own fitness DVD you should look at if you agree with her advice!

Read on for Robin’s tips.

Here are a few of my favorite DOLL secrets:

1. Growing up like most women, my eye for fashion and style in public exceeded my means to buy the latest designs. I had to be creative. Clip out your favorite looks from fashion magazines and bring them with you to your local thrift shop. Use these as a guide to finding your personal style!

2. Everyone is looking for long, luscious lashes. There are products out there (that they say works to grow your lashes), personally I don’t know because I’ve never used them. But what I do know, is that is the most inexpensive, oldest trick in the book- is good old Vaseline. I rub it into my eyelashes every night before I go to bed. It keeps them thick, healthy, and really makes them grow (it also works great on your eyebrows if you’re trying to grow them out from over plucking).

3. Sometimes the stress of everyday life can be so overwhelming we can’t even see that it’s stress getting in the way of moving forward. Dancing taught me the importance of stretching my body before putting it to work. Whether it’s dance or any type of physical activity, make time for yourself and do it!

Robin Antin (Choreographer and Fitness Trainer)