Secret Gary Coleman Will Gives Mystery Woman Everything

A new will from 2005 by Gary Coleman has surfaced that bestows his entire estate to a mystery woman, ET reports.

That woman is Anna Gray, Gary’s best friend, caretaker, and housemate who was asked to move out when Gary married Shannon Price, Gary’s agent said.

As previously reported, Price has a handwritten will from 2007 naming the 9-1-1 incompetent woman as the child star’s sole heir.  Dion Mial is likewise named in the original 1999 will.

The struggle to gain control of Gary’s estate is fueled by the prospect of a book or movie deal in the years to come. 

Everyone’s fighting over what might happen in the future. You’re really fighting over millions.

— According to Gary Coleman’s lawer

Which raises the question, who do you think should (or could) play Gary Coleman in a Hollywood bio-pic?