The Jonas Brothers Amaze Our Ears With Full 'JONAS L.A.' Album Preview

The Jonas Brothers Amaze Our Ears With Full 'JONAS L.A.' Album Preview-photo

Prepare your ear canals for about 3.5 metric tons of awesome, people! The soundtrack for the Jonas Brothers' upcoming JONAS L.A. series doesn't go on sale until July 20, but because the Internet is kind and just and loves us all, it has provided a preview of the entire album (aside from "Feelin' Alive, which can be heard here, and "Summer Rain"). Thanks, Internet!

The track listing for the album is as follows:

1." Feelin' Alive"
2. "L.A. Baby"
3. "Your Biggest Fan"
4. "Critical"
5. "Hey You"
6. "Things Will Never Be the Same"
7. "Fall"
8. "Summer Rain"
9. "Drive"
10. "Invisible"
11. "Make It Right"
12. "Chillin' in the Summertime"
13. "Set This Party Off"

Click below and let the pure pop infectiousness burrow into your brain like a beautiful worm. And make sure to let us know in the comments section: Which track are you feeling the most?



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  • david

    it's amazing .......

  • Lexie

    I really like "Fall" and "Hey You." I can't wait for the album! This is my summer album. This is the one I'll be blasting in the car.

  • Erene Araojo
    Erene Araojo

    i love make it right...! and also fall..! go jonas brothers...!!!

  • nony

    actually its not like the Jonas brothers music ... its quiet different.... but i reallly luv it ,,, cant wait for"your biggest fan" and "chillin in the summer time"

  • Rebecca

    I love all of the songs. I fell in love with the songs when I first listened to it. I can't wait to buy the album. And I can't wait to see the show. I'ts going to be another good album by them.

  • AisGxx

    Absolutely love it!!! All the different styles of music on the soundtrack just shows how talented they are and how adaptable they can be!! Can't wait until the soundtrack comes out!! :D

  • Jonas

    shut your trap..they rock

  • njomza

    CRITICAL its great and nicks voice is amazing.

  • annabannana56

    Oh i know : THEY SUCK SUCK ASS!!!

  • Evelyn

    Make it Right