Megan Fox Says She Only Thinks She’s Hot

Say what you will about Megan Fox’s acting skills; the girl definitely has a vivid imagination.

The former Transformers beauty claimed during a junket for her new film Jonah Hex over the weekend that she’s constantly setting herself up for disappointment in the self-image department by pretending that she’s better-looking than she is. Yup, looks like the Megan Fox Insane Quote Express is out for another run: 

“I don’t think I’m hideous or unattractive. I just like to pretend in my mind I’m more attractive than I am, so seeing pictures confirms I’m wrong.”

Sure, Megan; tell yourself whatever you need to in order to soften the blow of seeing pictures of yourself in the media.

Do you think Megan is making too much of her looks? Should she just give herself a break already? Let us know in the comments section!

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