Miley Cyrus Denies That She’s Trying to Be ‘Slutty’

Some people (not us, mind you; the mean ones) might look at Miley Cyrus’ recent behavior, videos and wardrobe choices and ask, “Is she trying to come across like a tramp?” But such is not the case, the Hannah Montana star explains.

Brushing off the controversy over such things as her racy “Can’t Be Tamed” video and her same-sex kiss with a back-up dancer, Cyrus asserts,

“I’m not trying to be ‘slutty’…What I’m trying to do is make a point with my record and look consistent, in the way my record sounds and the way I dress.”

Okay, got it; Miley’s not trying to be slutty. She’s just establishing a consistent brand image for herself that many people would consider to be slutty. Well, that makes all the difference!

Oh, and there’s another reason for her recent stage uniform of short-shorts and belly shirts. Miley dresses for comfort, and she’s at her most comfortable when she’s half-naked:

“I feel more comfortable dressing with a little less, which is just how I’ve always been…Now I’m able to do that a little more freely and, also, I’ve just grown up to be this way too. It’s not like this was me five years ago. It’s me now, presently.”

See, people? There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all of this. It’s just a shame that people have to get all worked up over nothing.

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