Miley Cyrus Leaks All Over the Internet With Two New Songs

Miley Cyrus isn’t all about drumming up the controversy, you know. On occasion, she actually finds time to record some music. And when this happens, the Internet is quick to acknowledge. Thanks, Internet!

Two new songs from the Hannah Montana star’s upcoming album Can’t Be Tamed (out on June 21) have found their way into Web-land, showcasing two very different sides of the 17-year-old songstress. “Liberty Walk” finds Cyrus in all her bombastic glory, extolling the virtues of liberty and walking, while “Stay” is a pensive, piano-driven number, perfect for contemplating the direction that one’s life is going in while flipping through Tiger Beat in one’s bedroom. (Trust us on this.)

Gee, wonder which one Kristen Stewart will adopt as her new personal anthem.

Check out the songs below, and let us know what you think of ‘em in the comments section.