The Situation Is Jeopardizing ‘Jersey Shore’ With His Divatude

Here’s The Situation—the dude is apparently acting like a total diva.

A show source says that the thoroughly ab-by Jersey Shore guido (real name: Mike Sorrentino) has been copping a major attitude lately, so much so that he’s endangering the currently-filming second season of the hit MTV reality series.

According to the JS mole, the Sitch’s ego has gone into the stratosphere and, convinced that he would be a better producer of the show than, you know, the show’s producers, he’s begun ignoring directions. Which has led to a lot of wasted footage that will probably never see the light of day.

The source notes that the producers are trying to “keep it real” with the cast, meaning no bragging or discussing their fame or impending deals while cameras are rolling. This apparently doesn’t sit well with The Situation, who has reportedly taken to wheeling and dealing on the phone non-stop while frustrated producers try to capture usable footage. According to the source,

“It’s gotten ridiculous. If we tell him not to cross the street, he will. He just defies us.”

Maybe he’s just trying to build up cred for his budding rap career?