BLINDBUZZ: Which Actress Is A Secret Cutter?

Welcome back to BLINDBUZZ where we take a guess at the day’s juiciest blind items and invite you to do the same in the comments.

This time around we have an actress whose controlling mother is driving her to cutting, a very nice A-list actress, and a popular actor who keeps making flops.

Mommie Deartest:

This all grown up actress might seem smart and confident, but sources reveal that she’s anything but. We hear that she has such a troubled relationship with her mother, she is secretly a cutter. Her mother is extremely controlling and demands to know all the goings-on in the star’s life. The actress calls her at least twice a day explaining her recent projects, her relationships and her day to day activities and problems. The actress secretly resents her mother but is so attached and afraid of her, she can’t help but keep up this sick cycle, even though she is an adult. Not Jessica Alba. (Buzz Foto)

Our guess: Katherine Heigl.

The Kindness of A-listers:

This A list movie and formerly television actress (and it pains me to call her A list), did something really nice on the set of her most recent flop (although it was supposed to do much, much better). On the set, she met a cameraman who spoke to our actress about the fact that his mother was dealing with a life threatening illness. She always took time to talk to him, listen to him and ask about his mother. She went way out of her way everyday to check up on him and the condition of his mother. After filming ended, the mother passed away. Our actress sent flowers and a very long letter to the cameraman consoling him for his loss. (Crazy Days and Nights)

Our guess: Katie Holmes.


All actors have their ups and downs in their career. Some have them independently of a career. This actors’ previous series attempt have flopped quickly. Although he has recovered each time to land another gig, the failure is starting to take a personal toll on him. His sunny personality is gone, he’s gaining weight, and is spending every night in a bar, drinking away his rejection. Nothing funny about that. Friends are trying to distract him right now while his latest flop burns off episodes over the summer. (Blind Gossip)

Our guess: Matthew Perry.