Brad Pitt Goes on Convenience-Store Rampage! (VIDEO)

Sure, Brad Pitt might have a reputation as one half of Hollywood’s most do-gooding couple, but you don’t want to get stuck behind him in a convenience store. And you certainly don’t want to get stuck waiting on him in a convenience store.

In their inaugural installment of True Celebrity Encounters, Wonderwall and LandlineTV (the geniuses behind the “Little Jersey Shore” video) team up to present a totally true (read: completely fictionalized) account of the Inglourious Basterd’s recent reign of terror at a convenience store, as he (gasp!) drinks his Gatorade before purchasing it. Worse, he’s teaching his newly adopted son, Oleander Jolie-Pitt, the art of poor customer manners.

Check out the LOL-tastic video here.

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