Jonas Brothers' Elevator Ordeal: See the Shocking Footage! (VIDEO)

Jonas Brothers' Elevator Ordeal: See the Shocking Footage! (VIDEO)-photo

The Jonas Brothers seem to be on a constant upward trajectory of course—except, on occasion, when they encounter the occasional stubborn elevator.

As devoted JoBro fans already know, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas were recently trapped in a New York elevator for a harrowing half hour, and now footage of their ordeal has been released to the public.

Caution: The following video may be disturbing to some viewers. The experience was certainly disturbing to Nick, who can be heard exclaiming in the video,

"This is horrible. This is like my worst nightmare."

Let Nick welcome you to his nightmare in the video below:



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  • Laurice El Sokhon
    Laurice El Sokhon

    i hate elevators and i never go in it so i understand how they felt

  • scarlettnurse92858

    I WOULD REACT THE SAME AS THE JOBROS!!! I stay away from tall buildings because I'm sooooo afraid of getting stuck in the elevator!!! My Ex asked me to go to work with him when he worked in the WTC years ago!! He worked on the 69th floor!!! I told him NOOOOO WAY I'D GO UP THAT HIGH!!! I told him with my luck the elevator would PLUNGE to the basement!! NOOOO ME AND ELEVATORS DON"T MIX!!!!!

  • kelly0eminemfan

    nick is just sooo cute