Katy Perry & Russell Brand Reveal Matching Tattoos

It seems like love tattoos are all the rage with pop stars these days.

After Miley Cyrus revealed her “love” ear tattoo at the airport on Tuesday, Katy Perry flautned a new underarm tattoo that she got with fiance Russell Brand.

The “California Gurls” songbird and her British comedian beau got matching Sanskrit tattoos under their arms that read “Anuugacchati Pravaha” which translates to “Go with the Flow.” Sounds pretty chill.

Katy showed off her tattoo during a promo concert in New York on Tuesday. Russell had already been spotted with his love tatt on the cover of the June issue of Rolling Stone.

We can see the reason behind them getting a tattoo with such a relaxed message: when you date a celebrity you have to be able to let minor things roll off your back.