Lady GaGa Flips Out Over Picture-Taking Fan

Lady GaGa Flips Out Over Picture-Taking Fan-photo

For someone who doesn't seem to be particularly shy, Lady GaGa sure is touchy about having her picture taken.

According to reports, the "Bad Romance" songbird recently flipped out when a fellow diner snapped her photo at New York eatery Asia de Cuba. A mole reports that GaGa, decked out in a see-through gown and nude veil, was reveling with about 20 other people when she noticed that someone at a distant table had taken a picture of her. The witness reports,

"Gaga became noticeably upset, pushed her security team out of the way to confront the shutterbug and demanded he delete the photo."

After the shutterbug complied with the demand, GaGa returned to her table to resume the festivities with her entourage.

Wow; first she totally flips out at a Mets game, and now this. Is the pressure of fame starting to get to her?

Maybe she should just get over it and realize that, when you're so darn photogenic, people will naturally want to capture the magic on film.



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  • monster328

    i would have politely asked her if i could take her photo... i mean, come on she was probably trying to enjoy herself in her hometown so the man was really rude. If you want to take her photo that bad go to her concert and take one there don't do it when she's trying to relax.

  • Tressia Quattlebaum
    Tressia Quattlebaum

    I wouldn't wanna be caught chewing my food either... lmao. i mean celebs are regular people that just want to eat in peace just like me if someone were to take a picture of me i'd be pissed too. :/

  • So Over Her
    So Over Her

    Oh PLEASE! She spends her time courting the public with outlandish getups that scream LOOK AT ME! and then freaks because someone takes her picture? Gotta choose - if you want fame, you have to take everything that goes with it. If you don't want your photo taken, don't go into public establishment . If she wanted to dine incognito, maybe she could have done something wild like... wear a T-shirt & jeans, clean face, natural hair and act like a normal person. Ah... but there's the rub... nobody would recognize her and give her the attention she so obviously craves. I'm done with listening to her and looking at her. She's overstayed her 15 minutes...


    I would have said straight to that ugly ass face of hers..."Do you intend on paying my blackberry bill this month? If not, shut the f*ck up and go sit down. And then I would have had my cousin Veronica punch her in the side of her head.