Ready For A Kate Gosselin Dating Show?

Get ready, fellas: Kate Gosselin is looking for love. Well, at least on TV.

Life and Style (via Just Jared) reports that the reality show mommy is reportedly working on a deal to do a reality dating series for ABC. An insider reveals that Kate is desperate for a new man:

Kate’s working on a deal to do a new reality dating series on ABC. Kate would love to have someone in her life. She really misses the companionship. She wishes she had a man around to help her out.

This sounds like a great idea. Kate already had her first marriage ruined, in part, by her reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, so it seems only natural that she would want to find a new beau in the romantic world of reality television.

Kate is currently starring in a new reality show, Kate Plus 8, so it isn’t clear how this new reality show would work into her current schedule.

Either way, we all know that the former Dancing with the Stars contestant is ratings gold so we imagine that executives hashing out deals with her will be willing to accommodate her needs.