Tom Cruise Mistakes Real Life for His Latest Movie (PHOTOS)

Tom Cruise is back on the promotional trail, and you know what that means: It’s time for another round of head-scratching behavior from the Losin’ It star.

Cruise was stumping for his latest cinematic epic Knight and Day in Seville, Spain, with his co-star Cameron Diaz on Wednesday, and decided to get the crowd pumped by re-creating scenes from the flick, roaring through the streets on his motorcycle while Diaz trailed him in a BMW. Silly kids; don’t you know that if you give the movie away for free, people probably won’t go to the theaters to see it? Besides, you know they were really hoping that Tom would bust out some of his sweet Les Grossman moves instead.

Oh well; feel free to click through the photo gallery anyway. And for more pics of your favorite celebs performing spine-tingling feats, make sure to head over to Paparazzi-Razzi.