Betty White Accidentally Outs Cary Grant As Gay (VIDEO)

Betty White made an oopsie.

The 88-year-old Golden Girls actress accidently outed Hollywood legend Cary Grant on The Joy Behar Show on Wednesday night.

While Joy Behar and Betty were discussing the late gay actor Rock Hudson, Betty accidently mentioned that Cary was closeted like Rock:

BETTY: Rock was – was — everybody kind of knew his situation [that he was gay], but it didn`t seem to hold back his career. […] Cary Grant, the same thing.

JOY: Oh he was gay, too?

BETTY: Oh, I don`t know.

JOY: Yes, you know something, Betty.

Betty, ever the professional, quickly steered away from the topic by making a joke about her never “having” Cary. However, none of Betty’s sly tricks could hide the fact that she had just outed one of the world’s most legendary actors.

Cary passed away in 1986 so there is no way to ask him for confirmation on his sexuality. Although Cary was married five times during his life there had always been rumors that he was either gay or bisexual. Now it looks like the lovable Betty has unintentionally confirmed those gay rumors.

Watch the video of Betty’s gay slip below.

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