Cops Called On Dina Lohan At Carvel Ice Cream Store

Can’t Dina Lohan get some free ice cream without causing a scene?

The momager of troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan claims that a worker at a Carvel ice cream shop called the police on her after she tried to use her daughter Ali Lohan’s free ice cream card. Naturally, Dina recounted the harrowing events to gossip blog RadarOnline.

Dina went to the Carvel ice cream store in Long Island to pick up a cake for her son Cody’s 14th birthday party. Dina wanted to use a special Carvel “Black” card which Dina says guarantees her and her family “free ice cream for 75 years.” Wow, that must be some special card.

However, when Dina went to the ice cream store, she didn’t have a card of her own and instead wanted to use her daughter Ali’s card. “I didn’t think it be [sic] a problem,” Dina said. Unfortunately for Dina, it was a problem.

Dina alleges that the ice cream worker grabbed her arm, took her card and “held it hostage.” She also claims that the worker called the cops on her, even sending over a police helicopter to nab Dina for attempting to use a free ice cream card.

We didn’t realize that the police would take the issue of a stolen ice cream card so seriously, but apparently Carvel “black” cards are a big deal in Long Island.

Eventually, the worker was forced to give Dina back her card, but refused to give her a cake. Dina says that “it just shows how we get treated so much worse than regular people.”

However, don’t pity poor Dina, “regular people,” because she has a plan for revenge: “Just wait until Lindsay and Ali hear about this […] when Ali gets back, I’m going to bring her in everyday to this store–and you can print that!”

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