Did Demi Lovato Get A Tattoo?

Is Demi Lovato joining the list of tweeners with tattoos?

The Sonny with a Chance actress revealed a tattoo when she was spotted frolicking in the waves in Mexico while wearing a very daring bikini. The tattoo wrapped around her right side right under her arm.

The 17-year-old star caught a lot of flack last year when she was photographed with something written on her wrist which many interpreted to be a tattoo. Demi shot down the tattoo rumors on Twitter, saying that she is “16 I’m not getting a tattoo anytime soon” and people who think she did have a tattoo were “so stupid.”

So, is less than a year after her first Tattoogate not considered soon? Then again, the tattoo could just be a fake tattoo that Demi decided to sport during her vacation.

If the tattoo is real, Demi isn’t the only 17-year-old with a love for body art: Miley Cyrus already has two tattoos, that we know of.

Do you think that the tattoo is real–and does it matter if it is?

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