Snooki Goes on Magical Cookie Diet (PHOTOS)

Snooki sure does live a charmed existence. The Jersey Shore enchantress has gained fame and fortune just for being her little ol’ self, and whenever she wants to lose weight, she just crams a bunch of cookies into her mouth.

Rocking a sweet pair of Lady Gaga-esque shades, the Snookster popped into the New York office of Dr. Sanford Siegal to discuss his highly popular cookie diet, which she has agreed to try out. (Not that she really needs, it obviously.)

Careful, Snooki; eat too many of those cookies, and you’ll waste away to nothing!

Before that happens, make sure to hit up the photo gallery to get a good look at the reality-TV charmer. And for more photos of celebrities doing amazing things, check out Paparazzi-Razzi.